Illustrator & Designer

Who I am? I'm Alex!

I create Illustrations in a diverse style and
visual form depending on the voice of the project

I live in the cold northern part of Sweden where I’m
currently freelancing as an Illustrator & Designer.

I once attended school at Luleå University of Technology and got a bachelor degree in CG...

Since then..

My work experience has been as an illustrator, graphic designer and art director from digital communication bureaus such as Perfect fools in Stockholm, Paregos and Hello Future in Skellefteå.

I’ve been doing everything from concept art, storyboarding, illustrating, 3D- modelling, animating, interaction designing UI/UX for complex interface systems, graphic design, layout and overall art direction.

Projects have varied from large award winning digital commercial campaigns, interactive games, applications for large touchscreen or handheld devices, e-learning material, logotype works and branding for small businesses.

Now then

I’ve always been sketching and drawing. Illustration is my speciality and my main creative outlet, I am proficient and have a passion for graphic and interactive design.
I’ve never really seen any hindrance to learn a new technique or another creative medium to achieve my vision. Taxidermy being on of them...

I am a multi creative person that adores all sort of visual communication and art forms. From all my experience in digital communication I've learned to adapt and and bend my style, depending on the projects or illustrations voice, aim and impact of it's intended audience.

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